1930s -1940s Shanghai and HongKong

City and Portrait-Photo by Harrison Forman


(1950s) Hong Kong, street scene with pedestrians and truck
(ca. 1940s) Hong Kong, cars parked along shops in business district
(ca. 1940s) Hong Kong, pedestrians crossing street in business district
(ca. 1941) Hong Kong, sign for General Electric advertising light bulbs
(Between 1937 and 1941) Shanghai (China), The Bund, British controlled area
(Between 1937 and 1941) Shanghai (China), Big China Hotel
(Between 1937 and 1941) Shanghai (China), street scene
(1937) Shanghai (China), automobiles being driven on road
(ca. 1930s) Shanghai (China), people waiting in CNAC airport
(Between 1937 and 1941) Shanghai (China), East Hotel
(Between 1937 and 1941) Shanghai (China), movie theater playing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with Norma Shearer and Leslie Howard
(1937) Shanghai (China), store selling birds and birdcages

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